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We Are Stronger Together

Taking the BBB pledge is all about planning your election day voting schedule and bringing somebody with you when you go.  If you can find that one buddy – perhaps it’s an elderly neighbor, or maybe it’s a nephew who usually never votes – and you bring them with you on Nov. 8th, you double your vote, and doubling your vote will absolutely have a tremendous impact on races up and down the ballot in 2016.  Where do you start? Simply fill out the form below. We promise, we’ll keep your info confidential while keeping track of our impact on a state-by-state basis. We’ll send you periodic updates on how many voters in your state have made the pledge, and send you inspirational stories about how other Blue Ballot Buddies are making a difference across the country. You’ll receive verified alerts when Voter Fraud is reported in your area.  And we’ll do our best to help you find your Blue Ballot Buddy.
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